Inexpensive Volkswagen bestseller for millions has become closer to customers.

Volkswagen Golf is a world-famous low-cost car that traditionally sells for millions in various markets. The new car recently went on sale, and now it has become even closer to buyers and has gone into production.

In 2024, the VW Golf model turns 50 years old. The new Volkswagen Golf 8.5 turned out to be a good opportunity to celebrate this high-profile anniversary. As well as the start of production of a modernized car, which was announced on the company’s website.

It is obvious that after restyling the car has not changed much. However, the new Golf has become more modern and received a front bumper in the style of the 9th generation VW Passat.

Volkswagen Golf
New equipment appeared in the cabin. The main thing is a modernized information and entertainment system. The manufacturer has updated this tool, now the multimedia complex works faster and more stably. The system received an assistant with ChatGPT integration.

VW Golf 2024 engines:

gasoline 1.5 l (115 hp);
gasoline 1.5 l (150 hp);
gasoline 2 l (204 hp);
gasoline 2 l (265 hp);
diesel 2 l (116 hp);
diesel 2 l (150 hp);
hybrid (204 hp);
hybrid (272 hp).
The price of the Volkswagen Golf 2024 is from 27,180 euros. A fully electric version will appear in the next, ninth-generation model by 2028.

Updated: 21.04.2024 — 21:33

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