Garbine Muguruza explained why she decided to end her sports career

Spanish tennis player Garbine Muguruza, a former world number one in singles and winner of two Grand Slam tournaments, explained her decision to end her professional sports career at a Laureus press conference.

“It was a long, beautiful career, full of both difficult and funny moments. I could tell you a thousand stories from it. But I feel that today I need to focus on the main thing – it’s time to retire to open a new chapter of my life, a new era. The word “retire” sounds strong: I’m still 30 years old. So I feel too young to use such a word (laughs). But I wanted to be brief, so I’ll just stick with the fact that I’m retiring. But now I feel good (laughs).

I made this decision little by little. The last few months were key: when I stopped competing and returned home and rested, I wanted to see how I would feel without tennis. I rested, rested and felt better every day. Yes, on the one hand, after deciding to retire, I will miss tennis and all the difficulties associated with my profession. But, on the other hand, I clearly understood that more than anything else I want to look at my next chapter, and not at tennis,” Muguruza said at a press conference.

Updated: 22.04.2024 — 11:53

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